Mozambique Business Consultants (MBC) is a top business and auditing consulting firm in Maputo , Mozambique. Founded in 2000 by Arlindo Mapande, MBC has gone from strength to strength now employing 41 staff under the MBC Business group ,which includes 4 permanent business brokers with master degrees.

MBC assists foreign investors with investment advice, guidance and support when entering the market of Mozambique. MBC offers its clients a wide range of services to minimize their risks and investments in this emerging market.

MBC has been entrusted with some of the biggest internal and foreign projects which has made MBC an internaional favorite among foreign companies.

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Mozambique Business Consultants is a multi language consulting firm specialising in english and portuguese assistance to all our clients.

MBC specialises under the Mozambican law in :

  • Auditing and Accounts Management in Mozambique
  • Investments in Mozambique
  • Attorney and Lawyer Services
  • Business Opportunities in Mozambique
  • Business brokerage
  • Tax and Legal advice under Mozambican Law
  • Project Management ( CPI ) across Mozambique
  • Human Resource Management
  • Company Registration and licensing in Mozambique
  • Land and property use rights applications
  • Advice and assistance in property purchases in Mozambique
  • Business procurement
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Investment advice
  • Legal Translations
  • Wills
  • Legal assistance
  • Notaries
  • and more…

MBC is your turnkey solution for doing business in Mozambique.

Our Mozambique Import and Export services also includes:

  • Wholesale procurement and sourcing.
  • Clearance  of goods.
  • Logistical Management & Solutions.
  • Trust account management for exports.
  • Transport and Delivery Services.

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MBC - Your Gateway to the Mozambican Business Market